My Favorite Things

Below is a list of my absolute favorite purchases and where you can find them for yourself.  

My Favorite Clean Living Products 

- The ONLY Collagen I trust in my body 

- The only cleaning products I use in my home 

- My favorite skincare products with collagen!!

- The world's best Fat loss chocolate pudding 

Save $10 by using this link 

Workout Tools 

My Favorite Non-Slip Booty Bands

These booty bands are great!  They stay in place and don't bunch up.  They have 3 different resistance levels and come with a storage bag.  Great addition for home workouts or workouts on the go!

Great Heavy Resistance Bands 

Great bands!! You can use these for everything from pull ups to squats to cardio exercises!  They are easy to pack and take anywhere.  I recommend these to all my clients. 

Great bottle and fun colors!

Nice Big Water Bottle 

Office & Social Marketing Tools 

The BEST Ring Light for iPhones 

I must have tried 10 ring lights before finding this one.  The main problem I kept having was that they were flimsy and would fall over.  Not this one!! I have had no issues with the one being sturdy tin many surfaces.  I love the different lighting options as well as brightness adjustments.  This makes me look amazing in all my pictures and videos.  A social marketing must have! 

The BEST Selfie Stick Ever

This is a true keeper!  It can do everything you need for selfies... stick, tripod, tall, short, PLUS it has a bluetooth remote.  It's it very sturdy, even with my big iPhone.  This little device has truly upped my social media game and helps me find all the right angles to look my best at all times. I highly recommend it, 

Great Laptop Stand for your Desk 


This little stand is worth every penny.  Lift your computer to your height so you don' have to slump over.. trust me, your back and neck will thank you tremendously

Essential Running & Spartan Gear 

I love these backgrounds!  They give you pictures and videos a professional look and are support affordable. 

Really Nice Affordable Backdrops 

My Favorite Socks for all Occasions 

Soft, Cushy Socks for Running - No Blisters Yet! 

These socks are definitely in my favorites collection for so many reasons.  They are soft, cushy, supportive in the arch, the toes fit perfect.. they are wonderful.  I bought them for running but I wear them daily because their are just that comfortable. 

Pets and Things I love for them 


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