Home Mobility Gear

Mobility is fundamental to any healthy lifestyle. Here is the gear to make your mobilizing time as easy and productive as possible. 



Everyone needs on of these for easy mobility at home or on the go.  These are lightweight, super portable, durable and so easy to use.  You can throw them in your gym bag, suitcase or desk drawer. You know how I feel about mobility and this makes mobility so easy!  It’s easier than foam rolling and perfect for anyone who has difficulty getting on/off the floor. This is a must have for everyone.



This should be as considered as important as gym shorts in your workout gear. Every workout should start with a lacrosse ball. You can use this for literally every part of your body. Improve the condition of your muscles and your fascia and improve your mobility and flexibility all with this simple little ball.  I have several and keep them all over my house. You never know when you might need a quick roll out.