Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition is the hardest part for many people. All the conflicting information is confusing, everyone has a different opinion and it can be completely overwhelming... right??  If that's you and you are looking for extra structure, support , education and accountability than I created this program for you. Be done with dieting and the negative relationship it creates with your body and the food you eat. My programs focus on learning constructive healthy habits that focus on whole body health, helping you feel amazing both physically and mentally. 
Fitness Consulting packages include
  - 1 hour Initial consultation
   - Weekly Check Ins (20minute)
   - Ongoing Personal Coaching
   - Open line of communication
   - Weekly Food Journal Check Ins
   - Vitamin/Mineral/Supplement Support
   - Modere VIP ordering assistance 
   - Weekly Meal plan / Meal prep Check Ins 
   - Recipe and cooking guidance
   - Workout and Physical Health guidance 
   -  Mindset and positivity coaching
All packages are billed monthly.  No contract or term necessary for enrollment. 
 10 days notice required for cancellation via email to