Personal Training

Reach your goals, make lasting lifestyle changes, be the happiest version of you!

     The Personal Training programs at Heart&Grit offer an individualized, goal-setting workout to help you perform and feel better for all aspects of life.  At Heart&Grit we have many styles and love using any combination that work for you    

     Sessions include monthly measurements and goal check ins.  My training style includes mobility training, corrective exercise training, balance and flexibility training, core training, custom workouts designed just for you every single session. 

    As your personal coach, I will be your biggest fan.  We will work, together, from the head down to make lasting changes and celebrate all the wins along the way.  It is my mission to help people discover the happiness and the joy that lives deep down inside them by looking and feeling their best.  

    Sessions can be held at multiple locations for your convenience.
     - Heart&Grit Studio in Sammamish, WA
     - Nearby park or outdoor area specified by Tay prior to sessions
     - Your home living room, your office, your home gym, your kid's soccer practice or piano            lesson, your favorite trail, etc.
    -  Zoom, Facetime Online Sessions

   I understand that people are busy.
   I can help your workouts be the easiest part of your day. #noexcuses

Do you want to workout with a friend???

  Duo sessions are available! All the same perks as a private session for two! 

* Duos must be arranged by the clients prior to purchasing sessions.
To schedule an appointment, please contact Tay directly via phone/text/email.