Tay's Favs

Things you need. 


I bought these socks for running but I wear them all the time because they are just so comfortable. I love the extra cushion in the heel and ball of the foot, as well as the arch support.  I love the seamless toe box; I never get blisters on the outside of my small toes anymore. I have worn these for many long runs and have never had a blister anywhere on my feet.  I highly recommend these.



These are absolutely, hands down, my favorite all around socks. They are adorable to start and come in great colors. They stay up on my legs all day long, hit exactly the best spot (right under the calf) and do not bunch up at all in my shoes.  They are totally seamless and so comfortable because of it.  I have several pair of these and wear them all the time for every occasion..work, workout, hiking, cold nights, dinner with friends etc. My feet love these.

Intuitive Eating 


This book is everything. 

Everyone needs to read this book. This is the foundation of all my beliefs about healthy eating and food relationships. Just absolute must for everyone. Period. 

The Automatic Millionaire 


I just started this book and am so excited to get deeper into it work. I have already learned from the first chapter and started applying the principals right away.I found it highly recommended by my coaches. Check it out and let's chat!

You are a Badass


This is one of my go to books that I read when I need a pep talk, a reality check or to get out of my own way. If you feel stuck in the self sabotage loop, constantly in your own way, this is for you. You will learn how to get out of your way to create your best life. 

You are a Badass at Making Money 


I had no idea before reading this book that was holding me back financially, was my own beliefs about money. I didn't even know what those beliefs were! I learned so much about myself from reading this book. We have so many deep, hidden beliefs and fears about money and finances that completely shape where we are financially in life. Don't let what hold you back be you. 

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